Rooms for Use by Candidates During the Pre-election Period

Candidates at local and Parliamentary elections can use certain rooms for public meetings in the run-up to the election.

Suitable meeting rooms include those that are wholly or partially maintained by public funds, including all schools that are community, foundation, voluntary or academies. A meeting room is any room that would commonly be let out for public use.

These rooms can be used for local elections from the last day for the submission of nominations.

When a room is used for meetings, the hirer is liable to be charged expenses incurred, such as heating and lighting; any damage incurred is also the responsibility of the hirer. Schools can charge a nominal fee to compensate for expenses and for a caretaker to set up/restore a room.

Reasonable notice must be given. For school halls, the hire must be outside of school hours and not affect the school's usual operations.

Visit the links below for information about available rooms. Please contact these venues directly if you would like to hire a room.

Lancashire County Council - List of Schools in the Ribble Valley

Lancashire County Council - Library Venues

For information about hiring the council chamber please email -