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Buying an affordable home

If you would like to own your home but cannot afford a house at full market price you may want to consider shared ownership or discount sale. To find a new build affordable home see New developments with affordable homes.

Affordable home ownership schemes in the Ribble Valley

Low cost home ownership

Low cost home ownership is designed to assist people (especially first time buyers) in purchasing their own property at a price below the current market value. The discount applied is decided by information taken from households who live in the parish and are in housing need. Recent schemes have had a 40% discount applied.

This condition is fixed and should the owner(s) wish to move house in the future, they would be required to sell the property at the same discount. In addition, anyone that wishes to buy the property must be eligible to participate in the scheme by complying with the income restrictions applied to the agreement.

Anyone interested in purchasing a property through this scheme should contact the estate agents that are dealing with the sale of individual properties.

The houses are then sold as normal but with the discount applied and the condition that only local households are eligible.  To apply please download the Discount Sale Application Form.

Affordable homes for shared ownership

These schemes, delivered in partnership with a registered social landlord or similar, allow payments to be split between mortgage and rent. The percentage share of ownership will vary depending on the individual circumstances of the person or household in housing need. The household can gradually increase their share of the property to move towards outright ownership. In settlements of less than 3000 population, owners on a shared ownership model can only obtain a maximum 80% share as they do not have the legal right to increase to 100% ownership. The property will therefore remain a shared ownership property for future occupiers.


The Council are considering setting a maximum value of discount sale properties so to ensure that they remain affordable. If you would like to read about the proposal please see the consultation document and if you have any comments then please forward them on. The consultation for this proposal is open until 4 March 2019.

Affordable homes for rent

In certain circumstances a developer (non social housing landlords) may make properties available for rent at a rent level in line with the local housing allowance. The Council will control the level of rent that can be charged and set eligibility criteria to ensure that properties are allocated to local people in housing need usually through the use of a Section 106 Agreement in conjunction with the grant of Planning permission. See an example of a Section 106 Agreement.

To register for affordable housing schemes please see

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