Events on private (non council) land including the highway

Event safety

The Ribble Valley Safety Advisory Group (RVSAG) provides advice and guidance to event organisers to enable them to hold their event safely and legally.

RVSAG is made up of various organisations such as Ribble Valley Borough Council, the Police, Lancashire Fire and Rescue, and Lancashire County Council traffic management who can all offer support to events taking place in the Ribble Valley.

When staging events, organisers cannot assume the support of the Police, the Fire and Rescue Service and the North West Ambulance Service in running the event .

Events should be planned and organised so that the presence of the emergency services at the event is not required. These services, as part of their "Ribble Valley Safety Advisory Group" role will offer any necessary assistance in the planning stages of the event.

It is the responsibility of event organisers to ensure their event takes place safely.

The Safety Advisory Group will not permit or stop events taking place.

However, if there are concerns, it will advise the appropriate members of Ribble Valley Safety Advisory Group of and they may take whatever action they feel necessary to fulfill their statutory obligations.

If you would like to notify RVSAG of an event you are holding in the Ribble Valley please complete the Event Information Form.

The following PDF documents are available to help event organisers:



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