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Planning Applications Registered and Decided by Week

Weekly Lists of Planning Applications Registered and Decided.

Planning decisions made each week are available in the weekly decided lists. They list all planning applications that have been determined each week with details of the decision made.

In some cases the conditions shown in draft decisions or officer reports for any particular application may be incomplete (following amendments at Planning Committee, for example) and you are advised to view the actual decision notices for a full and accurate list of conditions. Please note that there is a charge for copy planning decision notices, which needs to be paid in advance.


Weekly list of planning applications registered

These are lists of the planning applications which we register each week. You can comment on current planning applications and also view the planning and development meeting information for more information on the progress of planning applications. 

Download a list of the planning applications received each week.

Weekly list of decided planning applications

The weekly decided lists contain all applications which have been determined each week with details of the decision made. 

Download a list of the planning application decisions by week.

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