Coronavirus (Covid-19)

National lockdown: you must stay at home and not leave your house unless necessary. Further details: Help and advice: Ribble Valley Community Hub (01200 414597).

Coronavirus Information

Ribble Valley Borough Council Corporate Strategy

The Council's Ambitions

The Corporate Strategy includes the following ambitions for the period 2019-2023:

  • To be a well-managed Council providing efficient services based on identified customer needs;
  • To sustain a strong and prosperous Ribble Valley;
  • To help make peoples lives safer and healthier;
  • To protect and enhance the existing environmental quality of our area; and
  • To match the supply of homes in our area with the identified housing needs.

Each Ambition is supported by a set of objectives and short and medium term priority actions.

More details of these Objectives and Actions can be found in the Corporate Strategy 2019-2023.

We value and welcome your views. If you think that the Council is not providing the services that you need - let us know. 

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