Local Land Charges

Local Land Charges Fees 2023 - 2024

Local Land Charges 1 April 2023

Service                                    Cost

Standard Search / Full Search £181.00 (CON29 element subject to VAT)

LLC1                                      £25.00 (vat exempt)

Part 1 CON29                         £156.00 (Including VAT)

Part 2 CON29 (O) Q4-Q21    £32.50 each (Including VAT)

Part 2 CON29 (O) Q22           £36.00 (Including VAT)

Express Search                        £243.50 (CON29 element subject to VAT)

Additional Parcel                    £16.00 (Including VAT)

Solicitors Own Question        £16.00 (minimum charge – Including VAT)

* If submitting an Express Search please contact us prior to submission to make sure we can offer that service at your time of request.

Please make cheques payable to Ribble Valley Borough Council. Payments can also be made via debit / credit card. 

Our fees

The Council has set its fees in accordance with the Local Authorities (England) (Charges for Property Searches) Regulations 2008 and in accordance with the Local Authority Property Search Services Costing Guidance issued in January 2009.

Our costs have been calculated for individual data elements to recover the reasonably incurred costs calculated by reference to the number of units.

The fees which have been approved by the Council and by its Section 151 Officer are as follows:

Search volumes and costs will be monitored throughout the year to enable fees for 2024/25 to be calculated.