Local Land Charges

Assets of Community Value - The Community Right to Bid

The Localism Act 2011 and the Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012 created the new Community Right to Bid. This right allows defined community groups to ask a Council to list certain assets as being of community value. This power is designed to give communities more opportunities to take control of the assets and facilities which are important to them.

Where an asset is added to the list of assets of community value, the owner of the property is required to delay any subsequent attempts to dispose of the asset because a moratorium process comes into effect, the purpose of which is to assist community groups to acquire the property. 

Local Councils are required to keep two lists:

(i)  a list of assets which the Council has determined to be of community value - successful; and
(ii) a list of assets where the nomination has been unsuccessful.

Further information about the process is available from the following website www.mycommunityrights.org.uk

Download  the community right to bid nomination form. Completed forms and all notices relating to disposal should be sent to:

Head of Legal and Democratic Services
Ribble Valley Borough Council
Council Offices
Church Walk

Please note that where a nomination is successful, the inclusion of the land on the list of assets of community value will be revealed on a local land charges search. 

The Council is required to consult landowners and occupiers prior to making its decision, and will normally attach copies of all the communications which it receives to a decision notice.

If there is any information of a personal nature which you do not wish to be included with the decision notice, please indicate this when making your representations. However it will not always be possible to exclude information.

Premises Removed from the Council's List of Assets of Community Value