Housing and Economic Development DPD (HED DPD)

Housing and Economic Development DPD: Issues and Options Consultation (Regulation 18) and Draft Proposals Map

This consultation has now closed.


The Council undertook a consultation on this stage of plan preparation from 26 August 2016 to 7 October 2016. A draft Proposals Map and Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report were available as part of the consultation. The closing date for comments was 5pm Friday 7 October 2016. For more details see Housing and Economic Development DPD: Issues and Opinions Consultation (Regulation 18) and Draft Proposals Map.

Following the Regulation 18 Consultation the findings can be viewed in the 'Summary of Representations' document.

The following documents were available for comment.

Issues and Options Consultation report

The Issues and Options Consultation Report sets out background information and matters the HED DPD needs to address. It also includes options for sites which might be considered for allocation to meet any outstanding housing and employment requirements. These are shown within the document but not on the draft Proposals Map as no decisions have yet been taken on which sites will be allocated.

Draft Proposals Map

The draft Proposals Map shows the extent of proposed designations including: Draft Town Centre Boundaries for Clitheroe, Longridge and Whalley; draft settlement boundaries, existing housing and employment commitments; existing employment areas; a variety of existing designations (e.g. AONB, Open Countryside, Green Belt, historic and environmental assets etc);  and constraints (e.g. flood risk areas, Mineral Safeguarding Areas etc.)

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping report

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping report

The Council is seeking views and feedback on:

  • Matters set out in the Regulation 18 Issues and Options Consultation report
  • The draft Proposals Map
  • The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping report
  • Whether the HED DPD covers all such matters as it ought to.

Call for Sites

As part of this consultation the Council is carrying out a limited “Call for Sites” exercise which gives the opportunity to suggest alternate sites for meeting outstanding development requirements in the locations specified in the Issues and Opinions consultation document. You can suggest these for consideration as part of the plan making process by completing and submitting a Call for Sites form.

Background and Evidence

Background and evidence papers referred to in the Issues and Opinions report are also available to view, but are not themselves being consulted on.

The consultation documents were available to view at the Level D Reception, Council Offices, Church Walk, Clitheroe, during normal office hours.

They were also available at the following libraries during their normal opening hours:

  • Chatburn Library, Sawley Road, Chatburn
  • Clitheroe Library, Church Street, Clitheroe
  • Longridge Library, Berry Lane, Longridge
  • Mellor Library, St Mary's Gardens, Mellor
  • Read Library, Jubilee Street, Read
  • Whalley Library, Abbey Road, Whalley.

In addition the documents were available to view at the following locations during their normal opening hours:

  • Longridge Civic Hall; and
  • The Station Buildings, Longridge

Copies of documents can be made available at a charge.

Comments could have be made by emailaing Issuesandoptions2016@ribblevalley.gov.uk or by post to the council offices but this consultation is now closed.