Local Plan Review

The new Local Plan will update the Local Development Framework (LDF) to establish a new vision, underlying objectives and key principles that will guide the development of the Ribble Valley to 2038. This will encompass the policies within the existing Core Strategy and the provisions of the Housing and Economic Development DPD to create a single document which will direct new development within the borough.

The Council's progress towards the adoption of a new Local Plan for the borough can be observed within our Local Development Scheme adopted in May 2022. The Ribble Valley Local Plan programme as set out in the most recent Local Development Scheme (LDS) is currently under review.  

Regulation 18 - Strategic Matters Consultation

In May 2022, the Council reached the first regulation stage of the plan-making process and consulted with residents and other stakeholders on the strategic issues to consider as part of the new local plan. It provided the opportunity for public and stakeholder involvement at an early stage in the statutory plan making process, inviting views and feedback on several key matters. As part of the consultation, the Council produced a consultation document which discusses issues and options relating to the Council's approach to  development strategy, vision and objectives, housing and economy. These options were assessed from a sustainability perspective, the outcomes of which are available to view.

The consultation ran from Thursday 26 May until 5pm on 7 July 2022 and is now closed. All responses will be reviewed in due course.

If you wish to be kept informed of future stages in the production of the Local Plan, please contact us via the following:

Email: planning.policy@ribblevalley.gov.uk

Post: Local Plan Consultation, Forward Planning, Regeneration and Housing, Council Offices, Church Walk, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 2RA. 

Telephone: 01200 414581

Call for Sites

As part of the Local Plan Review, the Council launched a  ‘Call for Sites’ in 2021 to provide people with the opportunity to tell us about possible sites to be considered for housing, employment or commercial development, as well as sites for nature conservation or use for open space.  This is now closed.  All the submission are being considered as part of the preparation of the Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment.

Evidence Base

As part of the plan-making process we are updating our evidence base which will underpin the strategy and policies within the new plan. All new documents will be available to view on this page once published, adding to a pre-existing evidence library which will seek to cover every aspect of the new Local Plan. Recent additions to the evidence base are outlined below.

- Sustainability Appraisal - Scoping Report

- Sustainability Appraisal - Assessment of Development Strategies

- Public Transport Position Paper 2021

- Service Centre Health Checks 2021

- Housing Land Availability Study and 5 Year Supply 2021

- Authority Monitoring Reports

- Employment Land Review 2022

- Climate Change Strategy 2021

- Strategic Housing and Economic Needs Assessment (SHENA)

Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Our Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out the approach the Council will take to deliver consultation as it produces the Local Plan.

Ribble Valley's first SCI was adopted in 2007 and has since been revised on a number of occassions, most recently in October 2021.