Platform Gallery

How to Exhibit Work at Platform Gallery

Are you Interested in displaying your work at the gallery?

Great! There are a few different options, shop, exhibition space or mix hire.

Our gallery and shop Space are focussed on Applied Arts or Craft. If you are an artist working in the fine arts skip to our “hiring the mix” section.

Gallery & Craft Shop

To be considered for the gallery or shop you must be

  1. Working in a Craft discipline.
  2. Working in the United Kingdom.
  3. Your work must be for sale. *

*All work sold through our inhouse exhibitions, or our gallery shop is subject to our standard commission rate which is currently set at 41% of the retail price.

If your work fits the criteria above the next step is to email us at with the subject header ARTIST SUBMISSION – INSERT YOUR NAME. please ensure your email includes the following detail

  • Your name and a little bit of information about your practice.
  • A small selection of good quality images or a link to your website. (Regrettably we do not have space to store physical work when considering your work).
  • An indication of the prices of your work. Please state if this is the wholesale price (not including commission) or if this is the retail price (including commission).

Upon receipt of your email, we will reply confirming its arrival. At this point your work will be filed for consideration for both the shop and gallery space.

The gallery hosts four exhibitions a year and we aim to plan for these as far as two years in advance. The shop is reviewed quarterly, and we regularly invite new artists to keep our offering fresh for customers. If we feel your work is relevant to our upcoming programme one of our supervisors will be in touch to discuss displaying your work. Please be advised it may be months before we find a relevant opportunity for your work at the gallery. If your work evolves or your contact details change, please send us an update.

Hiring The Mix

The mix is our flexible hire space here at the gallery. Its suitable for solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, workshops, and artist talks. The space is available at a flat room hire rate from as little as £30.10 and then you yourself sell direct to the public. Its available for a half day or a few weeks run depending on your needs and our availability. For more information about this option speak to a member of the team.