Ribblesdale Pool

Swimming Classes and Activities

Adult lane swimming

A session where the pool is split into even sections with lane ropes. Swimmers must follow the lane direction as indicated at the end of each lane. The directions are important to alleviate accidents.  Swimmers must choose the correct lane for their speed; this may mean changing lanes during the session when other faster/slower swimmers enter the pool. Lifeguards will ask swimmers to move lanes as they see necessary.

Aqua tone

This is an instructor lead exercise to music class.  Non-swimmers are also welcome to attend and it is available to customers aged over 16 years of age.

Early birds

This is catered for those that like early morning exercise, pre work or even post work for those night shift workers!  Please see the ‘adult lane swimming’ section for details of the pool structure.

Pool Parties

Both pools are available to hire for parties.  Different activities are available and a party room for food is available if required.  Please ask reception for separate leaflet regarding the parties and relevant prices.

Adult Social Swim (17+)

A relaxed, quieter and gentler pace swimming session.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are available for children aged 4 years and 6 months of age and above. The courses run during the school term, Monday to Friday after school and Saturday Mornings. Please ask a member of staff for information.