Ribblesdale Pool

Hire the Swimming Pool

Both our pools are available to hire for birthday parties, special events and general use. 

Pool birthday parties

The swimming pool is an excellent choice for a child's birthday party. Get exclusivity of the pool for your child and their friends with full use of all the floats and balls. Lifeguards will be on duty to help with the smooth running of the party.

Party options

  • Inflatable Party (large pool) - 50 minutes of large pool hire.
  • Large Pool Float Party - 1 hour exclusive use of the large pool with floats and balls
  • Small Pool Float Party - exclusive hire of the small pool for up to 30 people with floats and toys. 

Children need to be a minimum of 8 years old when hiring the inflatable. Pool parties take place between 4:00 - 5:00pm. (4.00pm - 4.50pm for inflatable parties)

Large Pool Inflatable Party (50 minutes)    20 people             £144.60

 Large Pool Float Party (1 hour)                 40 people             £114.60

 Small Pool Float Party (1 hour)                 20 people             £66.40

Room Hire

A room is availbe to hire in the Pavilion located next to the swimming pool. The room has table, chairs and kitchen facilities for after swimming party (no food provided) £18.30 per hour.

To request a booking use the pool party booking form.

Large pool special event/gala

The large pool is an excellent venue for a competitive swimming event, school gala, triathlon or other special event. The hire of the large pool also includes the spectator area so, friends and parents will be able to enjoy the event whilst it takes place in the pool.

Lifeguards, defibrillator operators and trained first aiders are on duty at all times to ensure the smooth running of the event. If required, lane ropes, diving blocks and a music system complete with microphone are available at no extra cost.

To request a booking use the pool booking form.