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Cumulative Impact Assessment Whalley - 2021

The Council’s Licensing Policy has been set for the period 2016-2021. A licensing statement of policy can be altered during the 5 year period provided the necessary procedure is followed.

The Statutory Guidance provides that the cumulative impact of licensed premises on the promotion of the licensing objectives is a proper matter for a licensing authority to consider in developing its licensing policy statement.

A Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) may be appropriate where:

  • the number, type or density of premises selling alcohol or providing late night refreshment is high or,
  • exceptional, serious problems of nuisance and disorder exist or have begun to arise outside or some distance from those premises.

A CIA has to be reviewed every three years or more frequently.

In response to concerns expressed about the proliferation of premises authorised to sell alcohol in Whalley and Painter Wood ward, a CIA was approved for the Whalley and Painter Wood ward from 30th April 2019.

The Licensing Committee of Ribble Valley BC has now asked for investigatory work to be carried out to establish whether there is sufficient evidence to merit formal consultation with responsible authorities and others on the continuation of the CIA.

It should be noted that:

  • A CIA does not act retrospectively and would not lead to removal of existing licenses or a reduction in the hours authorised by existing premises licenses.
  • A CIA could affect the terms of a new licence or the terms on variation of an existing licence, if an objection is raised to the application for the new licence or the variation.

Details of the terms of existing premises licenses can be accessed through the public register link on the Licensing Act 2003.

Please take a look at the list and maps (for the whole ward and the village centre) of licensed premises in the Whalley and Painter Wood ward area categorised by type.

The survey has now closed.  The results will be reported to the Council's Licensing Committee.