How to Vote

Vote by Post

You can receive a postal vote if you apply  eleven working days before an election is held.

Postal voting is convenient as you don't have to go to a polling station to vote.

Postal voters must reapply to vote by post every 3 years, the Electoral Services Team will contact you when it is time to reapply for your postal vote.

How to apply for a postal vote

The best way to apply for a postal vote is online.  A national insurance number is needed to provide proof of identity, together with a signature.

If you wish to apply online, please visit - Apply for a postal vote - GOV.UK (

Voters can still apply for a postal vote by printing off and completing an application form which can then be sent to the Electoral Services Team, Council Offices, Church Walk, Clitheroe BB7 2RA.

If you need any help when applying, please contact the Electoral Services team: 01200 414411.

About your postal vote

Postal votes can be sent anywhere, either inside or outside the United Kingdom (if, for example, you are going on holiday). Remember, though, that if the address is outside the UK, it will take time to reach you and for you to return it for your vote to be counted.

If you move house, you must tell the Electoral Services Team immediately, or you may lose your postal vote.

Before the election you will be sent a polling card advising you of your postal voting arrangement and the dates you should expect the delivery of your ballot paper postal pack to arrive.

When your ballot paper postal pack arrives, it will contain your ballot paper, a ballot paper envelope, a postal voting statement and a return envelope.

Please ensure that the statement is completed with your signature and date of birth as failure to do this will make your vote invalid.

The video below shows instructions on how to complete your postal vote pack and vote by post.

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Further information can also be found on the Electoral Commission website: