How to Vote

Vote by Proxy

If you are unable to attend the polling station or you do not wish to have a postal vote you may apply for a proxy vote. This means that you can appoint someone (aged 18 or older) to vote on your behalf.

To vote by proxy you must complete one of the following forms:

You must have a reason for applying to vote by proxy such as working away, studying at university or being housebound. On the application form you must state why you cannot attend your polling station in person and who you wish to appoint as your proxy. If you wish to apply for an indefinite proxy you will also need to get someone to attest your form such as your employer, lecturer or medical professional. Once you have completed an application form your details will be entered on a list of proxy voters and an acknowledgement letter will be sent to you and your proxy.

If you are going away on holiday or you will not be at home on election day, you can appoint a proxy for that election, this does not need to be attested but you must give a reason.

If you are suddenly taken ill you can apply for an emergency proxy vote up until 5.00pm on polling day, again this will have to be attested by a medical professional.

The person who you have appointed to be your proxy will be sent a letter which they will take to the polling station. Your proxy will then be issued with your ballot paper which they mark in secret in a polling booth.