Constitution and Code of Conduct

Parts One and Two of the Constitution: the Introduction/Summary and the Articles

The information below explains more about Parts one and two of the Constitution.

Part One contains an introduction and summary. It explains more about the purpose and content of the Constitution.

Part Two is divided into 14 Articles which set out the basic rules on how the Council operates.   

These Articles describe:

  • the composition of the Council; the scheme of ordinary elections for members of the council and their terms of office; 
  • the principal roles and functions of members of the Council and their rights and duties;
  • the rights and responsibilities of inhabitants in the Ribble Valley including their rights to vote in elections for the return of members of the Council; their rights to access to information about the Council's activities; and their rights of access to meetings of the council, its committees, subcommittees and any joint committees established with any other authority (see also Part 5 of the Constitution for this);
  • the roles and function of the mayor of the Council; and
  • the rules and procedures for review and revision of the Council's Constitution and alternative arrangements.