Constitution and Code of Conduct

Parts Four and Five of the Constitution: the Standing Orders and the Rules on Access to meetings etc.

Part Four: The Standing Orders

Part Four of the Council's Constitution is made up of the Council's Standing Orders.

The Council's Standing Orders are rules which govern the conduct and proceedings of the Council's meetings and those of its committees and subcommittees.

Part 5: Rules with regard to access to meetings, and related documents, of the Council, its committee and subcommittees

Part Five is the Council's Rules with regard to access to meetings and to related documents of the Council, its committee and subcommittees.

The Rules describe the arrangements the Council has in place for access of the public and members and officers of the Council to:

  • The Council's meetings (and those of its committees and joint committees); and
  • Information about documents relating to such meetings.

The Council's Constitution

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