Constitution and Code of Conduct

Part Three of the Constitution: Powers and Delegation

The documents in Part Three of the Council's Constitution deal with delegation.

Powers and Duties of the Council and its committees

3(1) Powers of the Council and its committees

The documents which make up this part explain:

  • The functions which may be exercised only by the authority itself;
  • The roles of the committees which have been appointed by the Council in accordance with section 101 of the Local Government Act 1972 including the membership, terms of reference and functions of such committees or sub-committees;
  • A protocol and terms of reference for the Council's emergency committee; and
  • The constitution for the Parish Liaison Committee. 
  • Committee structure chart

3(2) Officers/delegation to officers

This part of the Council's constitution contains:

  • A description of the roles of officers of the Council including the management structure for officers of the Council;
  • The arrangements made for the discharge of functions by officers of the authority;
  • The roles and functions of the head of paid service, monitoring officer and chief finance officer (please see the Articles, in Part 2, for further information on this aspect);
  • A description of those powers of the Council which for the time being are exercisable by an officer of the Council (the Officer delegation scheme).

Other documents

The following documents are available as downloads: