Homelessness and Emergency Housing

Homeless on Release from Prison

The first step you need to take if you want to approach the Council for help, is to complete the Housing Assistance Referral form. It may be that an organisation (e.g. Probation, Shelter etc) you are working with can make a referral to us on your behalf which there is also the option to do. Advise them to see ‘Making a referral.’ We will look at the information you provide and may need to see/speak to you. We will assess whether the ‘Relief Duty’ is owed or the ‘Prevention Duty’– there is an explanation of what these are on Homeless/Threatened with homelessness. If the Council think that you might be what is called in ‘priority need’ we have a duty to provide you with interim accommodation whilst the Relief Duty runs and we make enquiries into your homelessness. At the end of this period, if we find that you are eligible, homeless, in priority need and that you have not made yourself intentionally homeless then the Council is legally obliged to secure accommodation for you. We do check if you have a local connection to the area. Detention in prison will not create a local connection to the area the prison is in.

When deciding if you are in priority need we will look at the following:

  • Whether you have a mental illness
  • Have a learning disability or physical disability
  • Are under 21 and have been in care
  • Were in the armed forces
  • Are fleeing violence or threats of violence

We will also look at:

  • The length of time you spent in prison
  • If any third party support is being provided to you e.g. probation
  • The period of time since your release from prison

If you are working with other organisations such as Probation we will need to speak to them.

Where else can I go for information and support?

  • If you have a Probation Officer you can speak to them
  • Shelter Blackburn 0344 5151831