Homelessness and Emergency Housing

People Suffering from Mental Illness and Impairment

We recognise that often housing problems can arise when there have been difficulties with mental health e.g. sometimes rent arrears can develop or family members/friends may ask you to leave as they may not be sure how to cope with some of your symptoms. It can feel like an extra burden to have to deal with housing problems as well as what you are experiencing with your mental health. We will always aim to help where we can and usually the sooner you come to see us the more time we have to try and assist. There is a process to go through if you are threatened with homelessness or already homeless. You will need to complete our Housing Assistance Referral form and read the section homeless/threatened with homelessness.

If you are homeless and we feel that you are in priority need due to your health then we have a duty to provide you with temporary accommodation whilst we look into your case. At the end of the ‘Relief’ period, we need to have decided whether you are:

  • Eligible for assistance
  • Not intentionally homeless
  • In priority need
  • We also confirm a connection to this area if we haven’t done so already

If the above criteria is met, the Council must secure accommodation for you.

Steps which may be useful to resolve a homelessness situation

 Listed below are some generic steps which may be useful to help you/others to resolve your/their housing situation.

There is a supported scheme in Clitheroe called Making Space where support is on offer for people who have mental health diagnosis. However, referrals have to come from the mental health service so if this is potentially an option for you then please speak to your Mental Health Worker. The contact number is (01200) 429432

There is also an organisation called My Space who offer supported accommodation which may be an option. The contact number is 01204 694154 and referrals can be made via http://myspacehousing.org/referrals/

Both organisations will have criteria which needs to be met for you to be considered for a scheme and will have an assessment process.

Useful contact numbers


0300 123 3393     

9am-6pm Mon to Friday except Bank Holidays


Text 86463

Samaritans 116 123 available 24 hours a day

The Crisis Team (01254) 612640

Minds Matter (01200) 420499 Patient can self refer for mild to moderate depression/anxiety that would benefit from brief psychological therapy.