Homelessness and Emergency Housing

Homeless on Leaving Hospital

If you have nowhere to go on discharge from hospital it is important to speak to the hospital discharge team as quickly as possible. They might contact the Council on your behalf. They can make a referral under what is known as the ‘duty to refer’. If needed we can then take a homeless application and subject to certain criteria being met progress under the ‘Relief Duty’ or if you are threatened with homelessness the ‘Prevention’ duty. For more information on this see Homelessness and Emergency Housing.

Where you cannot go home as you feel your property is unsuitable, we may be able to work with you and health staff such as Occupational Therapy. Help might be available through an adaptation to your existing home from a Disabled Facilities Grant. Social services may also be able to help if there are issues around who will care for you at home but the hospital staff should pick this up and make contact with them if necessary.