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Open Data and Transparency

Categories in Open Data and Transparency

  • Election Results for Ribble Valley

    Election Results for Ribble Valley (European, Parliamentary, County and Local Elections).

  • Council Spend

    The government has pledged greater transparency across the public sector through publishing data on spending.

  • Councillor Expenses

    Local Authorities are permitted to set the level of allowances that are paid to their Members to cover the expenses that they incur as part of being a local Councillor.

  • Constitution for the Council

    Section 37 of the Local Government Act 2000 provides that every Council must have a constitution and that this must contain certain information about the Council.

  • Procurement Information

    Information is provided about invitations to tender and contracts and payment cards.

  • Local Authority Land

    Information regarding all land and building assets controlled or owned by the Council.

  • Senior Officer Salaries

    Information about senior officer salaries.

  • Grant Payments

    Grant payments to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations.

  • Organisation Chart

    An Organisation Chart providing information on staff in the top levels of the organisation including grade, salary, job title and contact details.

  • Employer Discretions

    Information regarding how we, as a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), have to review our policy concerning how we award additional penison members, early retirement and flexible retirement, including redundancy and compensatory payments.

  • Pay Policy Statement and Pay Multiple

    The Council is required to publish an annual Pay Policy Statement. The purpose of the Pay Policy Statement is to ensure there is transparency as to how pay and remuneration is set by the Council for all of its employees and particularly for its more senior level posts.

  • Parking Spaces

    The number of off-street parking spaces in the borough.

  • Parking Account

    Income and Expenditure on the Council’s parking account.

  • Waste Contracts

    The Council has no contracts for waste collection services as this is done in-house.

  • Trade Union Facility Time

    The Council is required to provide information regarding the number of staff who are union representatives and their time spent on union business.

  • Fraud

    The Council is required to publish information regarding the number of employees involved in the investigating of fraud, the amount spent investigating and prosecuting, and the number of fraud cases investigated.

  • Building Regulations Accounts

    Annual financial statement for Building Regulations Chargeable and Non- Chargeable Account.

  • Business Rates and Open Data

    Business Rates liability reliefs and exemptions