Planning Policy Consultation

Further Consultation on the Proposed Main Modifications to the Core Strategy

This consultation has now closed.

A further round of consultation took place on the Proposed Modifications to the Core Strategy and accompanying Sustainability Appraisal Addendum.

The consultation ran from 9.00am on Friday 25 July - 5.00pm on Friday 5 September 2014. The Consultation documents were:

  1. Core Strategy - Proposed Main Modifications (May 2014)
  2. Sustainability Appraisal Addendum report

For the avoidance of doubt, comments were sought on the Proposed Main Modifications and Sustainability Appraisal Addendum only. If you had already made representations to the proposed Main Modifications you did not need to repeat them as they have already been forwarded to the Inspector. 

The further consultation arose following earlier consultation on the Proposed Main Modifications from 23 May - 7 July 2014 and was considered appropriate to avoid any doubt the consultation relates to the Proposed Main Modifications and Sustainability Appraisal Addendum only. It was brought to the Council’s attention that some people may not have been clear about what the Proposed Main Modifications were.

The Council published a table setting out the proposed main modifications for consultation. In order to provide a context to the Main Modifications, the Council also published the Core Strategy document which was used during the examination hearing sessions in January 2014. This was made available to show the changes made during the plan-making process up to January 2014. The concern raised is that, despite this Core Strategy document being published with an explanatory note, some people may have only considered this document and not the Main Modifications table.

In agreement with the Inspector we subjected the Main Modifications to a further six week period of consultation.

If you require any further details on this consultation, contact 01200 425111 and ask for the Forward Planning team.