Planning Policy Consultation

Core Strategy: Proposed revisions to Development Management Policies and Key Statements

This consultation report relates to the responses that were received during the Regulation 25 stage consultation on the Core Strategy between August and October 2010. For more information see the Core Strategy Reg 25 Sumnmary of Representation report.  

The Regulation 25 Core Strategy consultation document contains a series of strategic objectives, a set of key statements on a variety of themes, a set of Development Strategy options (on which Core Strategy: Generation of Alternative Options report was subsequently undertaken) and a series of Development Management policies that elaborated on the Key Statements.  These DM policies will eventual replace the current detailed policies in the Districtwide Local Plan.  

The comments received on the Key Statements and Development Management policies have all been considered and where appropriate, alternations were proposed.  This consultation therefore provided a further opportunity to comment on these proposed revisions to the DM policies and Key Statements and see what changes have been made. See Core Strategy Key Statement and Development Management Policies Proposed Revisions.

The document can also be viewed in hard copy at the Planning Reception counter (level D) at the Council Offices on Church Walk in Clitheroe offices from 9.00 am to 5pm Monday to Friday and at all libraries in the borough and at the Station Buildings in Longridge.

What happens next

The six-week consultation period has now ended and all comments recived during this time will be acknowledged, considered and combined with those recieved during the Reg. 25 consultation. From this, the Regulation 27 stage Core Strategy report will be formulated.