Planning Policy Consultation

LDF Baseline: Review of Essential Open Space (policy G6) Audit

In 2010, a review was undertaken of the Essential Open Space policy, policy G6 of the adopted Districtwide Local Plan. Policy G6 is a policy in the existing local plan dating from 1998 that seeks to protect areas identified as 'essential open space'. These can be areas of undeveloped land, car parks, play areas and such like.  Further background details can be seen in the existing Districtwide Local Plan.

Generally, these sites were designated in the plan to protect recreation areas or areas that had some visual quality at the time the plan was made and it was important to control development on these sites.  In preparing the new Local Development Framework, it was considered important to undertake a review of this designation as a number of sites were being put forward for development and the Council has to ensure it has a sound basis on which to continue their protection where appropriate. It is also important to enable suitable sites to come forward to help meet requirements for development if circumstances have changed since that plan was made.

The review does not in itself remove the formal designation as shown on the Districtwide Local Plan. However the outcome of the review could be taken into account when deciding planning applications and could mean land being granted planning permission that previously may not have been.

The consultation paper, together with plans showing sites where the designation was no longer seen as appropriate as a result of the review are in the Essential Open Space (Policy G6) Audit.

What next?

The six-week consultation period has now closed and all comments received during this time will be acknowledged and considered. Work will then continue on producing the Local Development Framework documents with focus initially on the Core Strategy.  

More information on future (and past) stages of Core Strategy production can be found in the Core Strategy.