Trees in Relation to Planning Applications and Development

Considering Trees In Planning Applications

Trees, woodlands and hedgerows have a major impact on planning the use of a site. Existing trees, woodlands and hedgerows can give an appearance of maturity to new buildings. In addition they may be of high amenity value and legally protected.

If you are submitting a planning application on an area of land containing trees, woodland and/or hedgerows you are advised to check with the planning department for any of the following:

When submitting a planning application you must:

  • identify on the application form that trees, woodlands and hedgerows are present
  • indicate if the proposals are likely to affect any trees, woodlands or hedgerows
  • if trees, woodlands or hedgerows are present you must submit an Arboricultural Impact Assessment

If it is determined that you will be impacting on trees due to be retained you will be required to submit an Arboricultural Method Statement.

Arboriculture is a specialist area and as such any assessments submitted to the Local Planning Authority as part of a planning application must be carried out by a fully qualified and experienced arboricultural consultant.