Long Stay Car Parking Permits

We offer annual Long Stay Car Park Permits. These permits are valid for a period of 12 months from the first of the month, and are issued to a specific vehicle, not a person. To renew an existing permit for a further 12 months you will have to apply for a new permit.

The annual cost of a Long Stay Car Park Permit is £99.10, including VAT.

A map showing the location of our car parks is available on the car parks page.

The permit entitles the specified vehicle to be parked for an unlimited period of time on any day of the week on long stay car parks.

The permit is only valid on the following car parks:

Edisford Road Clitheroe

Chester Avenue   Clitheroe

Whalley Road      Clitheroe

Mitchell Street     Clitheroe

Holden Street       Clitheroe

North Street          Clitheroe

Sabden                 Sabden

Slaidburn              Slaidburn

Chipping               Chipping

Ribchester            Ribchester

Mardale Road      Longridge

Barclay Road       Longridge

Dunsop Bridge     Dunsop Bridge

Apply for a Long Stay Parking Permit

If a vehicle is on a short stay car park without displaying a valid pay and display ticket, a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) Parking ticket may be issued.

If you change your vehicle during the 12 month period, a change of vehicle form must be completed and returned to the Council Offices, along with your old permit and payment of £5, and a new permit will be issued to you.

If your permit is lost or stolen, a new permit must be purchased at full price. 

It is the driver's responsibility to ensure the permit is valid and has not expired, although a reminder letter will be sent out to you when the permit is due to be renewed (let us know if you change address). It is also the driver's responsibility to ensure all the details on the permit are correct and that the permit is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of use.