Throughout the year we run different grant schemes offering support to community projects.

The following grants are available to apply for:

Voluntary Organisation Grants

A grant fund is available to support voluntary organisations towards their revenue or capital expenditure.

Deadline 31 January

Funding for lunch clubs 

The aims of this project are to provide services to support older and more vulnerable people in the community and provide a point of contact for those residents with other partner agencies 

This grant can support new or existing groups offering a regular lunch club or meeting. To apply complete the Lunch Clubs application form.

Sporting Excellence Grant

We operate a fund which is available to help support talented athletes.

Deadline 31 January

Ribble Valley Recreation and Culture Grant 

This grant scheme invests in the development of recreational and cultural activity in the Borough. Supporting the future health and wellbeing of the Ribble Valley community through arts, sports & community projects.

Deadline 31 January

Arts Excellence Awards

Arts Excellence Awards are awarded by Ribble Valley Borough Council and are designed to assist young talented performer’s progress in their chosen activity. The main aim of the scheme is to help with the cost of tuition, travel and equipment associated with your activity. Annual deadline, end of January for activity to begin 1 of April the following financial year. For example, apply by January 31 2021 for activity from April 1 2021 - March 31 2022. 

Deadline 31 January

Ribble Valley in Bloom

A small pot of money is available annually to help parish and town councils with their floral displays. This can be in the form of bulbs or a contribution towards planters. These must be external and on public display.  To apply complete the Ribble Valley in Bloom Grant Application Form.

Deadline 30 April

Christmas Lights

A small pot of money is available annually to help parishes provide Christmas lights in their village. The grants are for outdoor lights only and must be on public display for the good of the community.

To apply for this grant please complete the Christmas Lights Grant Application Form.

Deadline 30 September

Disabled Facilities Grants

The Disabled Facilities Grant is available for a range of work that will help a disabled person remain in their home.

Affordable Warmth Grants

If you are vulnerable and on a low income we can assist you to stay warm. For more information see Staying Warm in Winter.

Landlord/Tenant Grants

Renovation grants may be available where substantial works are required to the dwelling to make a dwelling fit to live in. For more information see Landlords.