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Adopted Core Strategy

Core Strategy Submission Documents

Submission Documents

The following documents were submitted in accordance with regulatory requirements:

Core Strategy 2008-2028 and associated documents - Submission to Secretary of State

Sustainability Appraisal - SA Report Addendum; (parts 1, 2 and 3)

Copies of Representations made to Core Strategy: 2008-2028- A Local Plan for Ribble Valley - Regulation 19 Publication Draft (i.e. in accordance with Regulation 20)

Supporting Documents

National Policy

Delivering a Sustainable Transport System - 2008

Biodiversity and Geological Conservation - Statutory Obligations and their Impact within the Planning System 2005

National Plannng Policy Framework March 2012

Regional Policy

Regional Spatial Strategy Final Regional Flood Risk Appraisal

NWRA The North West Regional Housing Strategy 2009

North West of England Regional Spatial Strategy 2008

The Sustainability Appraisal of the North West of England Plan

Sub-regional Policy

A Geodiversity Action Plan for Lancashire

From Rubbish to Resources Waste Management Strategy for Lancashire

Lancashire Climate Strategy January 2009

River Ribble Catchment Flood Management Plan Summary Report 2009

Lancashire Minerals and Waste Core Strategy Key Diagram Final

Lancashire Minerals and Waste Core Strategy Part 1 Final

Lancashire Minerals and Waste Core Strategy Part 2 Final

A Landscape Strategy for Lancashire - Landscape Character Assessment

Forest of Bowland Management Plan 2009 -2014

Pennine Lancashire Integrated Economic Strategy Report

Lancashire and Blackpool Visitor Economy Strategy 2006-2016

The Lancashire and Blackpool Destination Management Plan 2010

Lancashire County Council Culture and Sport Strategy

Lancashire and Cumbria Route Utilisation Strategy 2008

Lancashire Local Transport Plan 2011 - 2021 Strategy

Lancashire Local Transport Plan - Implementation Plan

The Lancashire Biodiversity Action Plan can be accessed via the Lancashire Environment Records Network (LERN) webpage

Lancashire Woodland Vision Part 1

Lancashire Woodland Vision Part 2

Lancashire Woodland Vision Part 3

Lancashire Woodland Vision Part 4

Lancashire Woodland Vision Part 5

Pennine Lancashire Housing Strategy 2009 - 2029

Pennine Lancashire Housing Strategy Refresh 2011

Ribble Valley Evidence

Annual Monitoring Report 2010-2011

Sustainable Community Strategy 2008

Corporate Strategy 2011

Green Belt background paper

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Assessment 2008

Housing Requirement 2011

Addressing Housing Need in the Ribble Valley 2011

Ribble Valley Homelessness Strategy 2008-13

Settlement Hierarchy 2008

Strategic Housing Land Availability (SHLAA) Report 2009

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) Report 2009

Essential Open Space (Policy G6) Audit 2011

Ribble Valley Employment Land Position Statement 2011

Ribble Valley Employment Land and retail Study - Final report 2008

Ribble Valley Economic Strategy 2009 - 2014

Ribble Valley Employment Land and Retail Study - Appendices Part 1

Ribble Valley Employment Land and Retail Study - Appendices Part 2

Ribble Valley Health Profile 2010

Ribble Valley Play Strategy

Ribble Valley Play Strategy Action Plan

Ribble Valley SPAA Vision Document and Delivery Plan

Ribble Valley Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - Level One May 2010

Transport Position Paper 2008

Local Development Scheme 2011

Use of Planning Obligations background paper 2008

Core Strategy Reports, Minutes and Correspondence

Core Strategy Reports to Planning and Development Committee

Other Documents

Ribble Valley Statement of Community Involvement revised Version Dec 2010

District Wide Local Plan - adopted 1998

Report to Full Council and Minute - petition received from Clitheroe Residents Action Group

Ribble Valley Infrastructure Plan 

Additional Submission Documents

Ribble Valley Local Development Scheme refreshed - October 2012

The Lancashire Climate Change Strategy and Supporting Actions

Landscape Strategy for Lancashire - Strategy

Pennine Lancashire Spatial Guide August 2011



Core Strategy Consultation Reg 25 August 2010 FINAL[1]

link to Housing Needs Survey - open this document

Ribble Valley Housing Needs Surveys

Ribble valley Statement of Community Involvement - 2010 version - Summary of representations Received on Pre Adoption Draft


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