Refuse Collections

We have now collected the outstanding waste from all areas except half of Read and Simonstone. These areas will be collected this Friday and it will be blue week for recycling.

Homelessness and Emergency Housing

If the council offices are closed an emergency call out service is available on 01200 444448.

Alternatively you can contact Shelter on 0808 800 4444 (its a free 24 hour service).

Emergency accommodation

Unfortunately there are no emergency hostels in the Ribble Valley but contact Shelter 0800 800 4444 for general housing advice and hostel vacancy information 24 hours a day.

Other useful contacts for hostels and emegerency accommodation are:

Emergency Accommodation/Hostels
Accommodation Location Contact number
 Salvation Army
 Blackburn  01254 677338
 Blackburn  01254 503067
 Crossroads  Accrington  01254 389157
 Emmaus Project
 Burnley  01282 430860
 Maundy Grange


 01254 232328
 01772 796622

If you want to pass on advice to someone who you think may be becoming homeless you can download our leaflets on Homelessness in the Ribble Valley

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