Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

How to apply for Council Tax Support

To claim Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support you need to fill in a benefits application form. You can use the benefit calculator before completing the application form.

You can get an application form from the Council Offices, Church Walk, Clitheroe or by telephoning 01200 425111.

If you want to make a claim or are not sure if you qualify contact us as soon as possible. Housing benefit and Council Tax Support is paid from the Monday following when the application form is received.

  • Answer all questions that are applicable
  • Your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support cannot be calculated until we receive all the proof but don't let this delay sending the form back - you can send your proof in later.

If you are elderly or disabled or unable to get to the office and need help to claim housing and council tax support, we may be able to visit you in your own home. Our visiting officer can visit your home at a pre-arranged time and complete the application form as well as confirming all your details.

You can request a home visit by telephoning 01200 425111. We will make an appointment to visit you at a convenient time in your home.