Environmental Services

Categories in Environmental Services

  • Animal Welfare

    The law governing the licensing of animal welfare establishments is changing from the 1 October 2018

  • Abandoned Vehicles

    If you see a vehicle that you think has been abandoned you should report it.

  • Asbestos

    How to dispose of asbestos.

  • Clitheroe Cemetery

    The Waddington Road Cemetery in Clitheroe, is the only council owned burial site.

  • Cooling Tower Registration

    Cooling towers must be registered with the council.

  • Drainage

    Information on drains and how to look after them.

  • Food Safety

    How to be safe when working with food, registering a food business and food hygiene ratings.

  • Health and Safety at Work

    We are responsible for the enforcement of health, safety and welfare standards in a wide range of premises.

  • Housing Standards

    If the condition of rented housing is affecting your health or safety, the council's environmental health inspectors could help.

  • Pollution and Air Quality

    Pollution control and air quality information.

  • Radon in the Ribble Valley

    Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas which is formed by the decay of small amounts of uranium present in all rocks and soils.

  • Unauthorised Gypsy Roma and Traveller encampments

    Our approach to unauthorised encampments.

  • Water

    Private water supplied must be registered with us and sampled on a regular basis.

Sub-categories of Environmental Services